RefWorks en la UCA

Es una gran alegría comunicarles que la Biblioteca, a través de COBIMET, ha adquirido la aplicación RefWorks disponible para toda nuestra comunidad: estudiantes, profesores y personal administrativo.  Con RefWorks puedes crear tu propia lista de referencia, adjuntar los documentos a la ficha bibliográfica e ir añadiéndolas a tu escrito según la 6ta edición del Manual de Estilo APA, entre otras opciones.  Para abrir tu cuenta sólo tienes que pasar por la Biblioteca para adquirir el nombre de usuario institucional.  De esta forma, tienes la opción de guardar tus documentos de investigación lejos de tu disco duro y que puedes acceder desde cualquier computadora con acceso a la Internet.  Más adelante estaremos publicando tutoriales para que se relacionen más con esta herramienta útil para todo/a investigador/a.  A continuación guía y video introductorio… RefWorks_Quick_Start_Guide_Spanish


6 thoughts on “RefWorks en la UCA

  1. Alubabiesmalm says:

    Hello guys, I urgently need message on MLA format… I can’t death my essay. Does anyone know? Please help…

  2. asybeardy says:

    What shall I do with my dissertation? I’m complicated with my coursework. I would appreciate some advice with my film review. Do you know how to create admission essay? There’re some difficulties with my article. Is this solution helpful? What can you say about it?

  3. asybeardy says:

    What shall I do with my argumentative essay? I’m complicated with my essay term paper. I want some support with my dissertation. Do you know where to get a descriptive essay? I have some doubts with my research proposal. Do you trust this source? What can you say about it?

  4. Rosa I. Hernández García says:

    This link contains examples of the format you requested:

  5. Rosa I. Hernández García says:

    You have many questions in this comment so I’ll try to answer them as simply as possible:
    First, with respect to the film review, there is a link rather general, but very useful for organizing your writing:
    Second, to write a good essay should seek admission requirements of the institution you are applying. This is because some will say exactly what they expect of it: for example the SCAD says:

    The statement should be a 500- to 750-word overview of the applicant’s academic and professional accomplishments and should demonstrate a high level of interest in and a highly developed understanding of the discipline. The applicant should describe knowledge of the discipline, approach to past work, qualifications for graduate study and intended focus, as well as personal and professional goals.

    Third, if you have something specific then you do search on how to write an excellent essay for admission to the area of knowledge that you are applying for what is important for a medical school is not necessarily the most important thing for a school of literature.
    I hope this information is useful to you. Thanks for writing.

  6. Rosa I. Hernández García says:

    About argumentative essays: and others links:
    About descriptive essays: and
    About research proposal:, and
    About this source: I’m a librarian and the administrator of this blog (which is an academic content) is up to you to assess whether it is useful to your needs.

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